Project Members

Dr. Simon Trowitzsch
Group Leader
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Elina Nürenberg
PhD Student
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Bianca Hetzert
PhD Student
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Holger Heinemann
PhD Student
phone: +49-(0)-69-798-29470

Ribosome Recycling and mRNA Surveillance

The twin ATP-binding cassette (ABC) protein ABCE1 is one of the most conserved proteins in evolution, ubiquitously found in Archaea and Eukarya and essential for life. Ribosomes are split via an ATP dependent power stroke by ABCE1 after translation termination, in mRNA surveillance and ribosome biogenesis. In addition, ABCE1 provides the functional link between translation termination and re-initiation. However, the molecular mechanism and RNA interaction sites in these key cellular processes still remain to be discovered.

In our RNA team ABCE1 is used as a model for the study of ABC proteins in archaea and yeast organisms by a combination of biochemical, biophysical and cell biological approaches. We focus on the ATPase cycle of the splitting process and the post-splitting complex as a platform for initiation factors. The methodical portfolio includes classical biochemistry, structural studies by cryo-EM reconstruction and crystallization, single-molecule FRET, cross-link mass spectrometry and in vivo mutational studies with ribosome profile analysis.

External link to a published movie about the closing of ABCE1 and the 40S-ABCE1 post-splitting complex formation (Heuer & Gerovac 2017 NSMB).


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